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Published in March 2021:

Pine Row Press is pleased to announce the publication of Busing to Byzantium by Bruce Guernsey. A native New Englander, he is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Eastern Illinois University where he taught for twenty-five years. He was awarded seven faculty excellence-in-teaching awards, and was selected as the State of Illinois Board of Governors’ “Professor of the Year."

Now available for purchase.

Coming in Spring 2022:

Pine Row Press is pleased to announce the publication of Leave No Wake by Marie Gauthier. Marie Gauthier is the author of Hunger All Inside (FLP, 2009). Her poems have appeared in Poetry Northwest, Sugar House Review, Cave Wall, and elsewhere. Formerly with Tupelo Press, she works for Pioneer Valley Books, a publisher of literacy resources.

Pine Row Press -- publishing full-length poetry books of exceptional merit.

Pine Row publishes an online literary journal, and separately, runs a literary press to publish full-length books of excellence. Pine Row will publish less than 1% of submissions. We are not a vanity press.

We require a $20 submission fee. We will read every manuscript submission but we do not promise comments on the manuscripts that are not accepted. Sometimes it is just not a fit, a matter of taste.

How we operate as a literary press:

  • Pine Row Press is a small independent press that publishes selected high quality works

  • Pine Row Press will advocate for the published work by seeking out award opportunities and other recognition

  • Upon selection, Pine Row will contract with the accepted poet for terms of publication and market royalties

The marketplace offers different publishing options to writers. Pine Row Press stands apart in this way:

  • Pine Row is not a vanity press or a self-publish press

  • Pine Row will never ask the selected poet to buy copies in bulk, and in fact, makes no requirement of the poet to buy anything. The Press will furnish initial copies of the finished book to the poet as readers' copies

  • Pine Row will reach out to its growing network to promote the book

  • Pine Row will submit the book to book review sites, and where appropriate, to award / recognition opportunities

  • Pine Row will make the book available on Amazon and the contract will offer fair market royalty terms with the poet

The Pine Row Press editorial review process is highly selective. The Press does not seek to produce volume but rather quality.

We look forward to reviewing your submission.