Poetry Issue No. 8 - Autumn 2023

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Susan Eyre Coppock

Poem & Comments 

Douglas Cole

Poem & Comments

Karen S. Henry

Poem & Comments 

Julia Gaskill

Poem & Comments

Terry Hall Bodine

Poem & Comments 

Beth Gallovic

Poem & Comments 

Karen Elizabeth Sharpe

Poem & Comments 

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Letter from the Publisher

Welcome to Pine Row's Autumn 2023 issue, and thank you for visiting.

The seasons turn, and our lives turn with a pattern of goodbyes and hellos, some predictable and some not.  The poems in this issue resonate with the subject of change, loss, and our transition through it. The moments shared in these poems also promise "broth for gravy," sustenance, and surprise encounters as electrifying as that whisper in the dark which asks us "to hush and listen." I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

Thank you for your support and readership.

Happy autumn,

Hank Hudepohl

Founder / Publisher

November, 2023

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