Poetry Issue No. 6 - Winter 2022-23

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M. Ocampo McIvor

Poem & Interview

James McKee

Poem & Interview

Beth Gallovic

Poem & Interview

Thomas Rabbitt

Poem & Interview

Brett Warren

Poem & Interview

Mark Simpson

Poem & Interview

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Pine Row's Winter 2022-23 issue, and thank you for visiting.

January is named for Janua, a door. Winter is a time of renewal - a process that's both unseen and seen. It is also a time of letting go. And a threshold.

In these poems, I hope you will find both the community and the courage to embrace the new year with compassion and hope. I know I have.

Happy New Year,

Hank Hudepohl

Founder / Editor

January, 2023

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