Issue No. 1 - Spring 2020

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Pine Row.

What the journal celebrates: "That you are here—that life exists, and identity; That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse." (Thank you, Walt Whitman.)

When I think about poetry, and what it means to me at a time like this, my thoughts go out to the people in my life who have made poetry matter. Maybe you know a specific poem that lights a connection to someone from your past, or some moment. I think of all the friends and mentors I've had over the years who have shared the common bond of poetry with me, and I am grateful. I am grateful for the community of poets, who, everyday, embark upon their next creations, and the readers who embrace them. When I set out to publish an online poetry journal, it was out of desire to celebrate and participate in this living community, to share a voice. And from that moment forward I have been nothing short of astonished.

The Pine Row editorial board came together quickly. It is a generous and thoughtful team of poets who have joined hands and hearts to bring this journal to life. The Featured Poets herein offer voices that we hope you will find as compelling as we do. We are proud to share their poems and interviews with you in this inaugural issue of Pine Row.

Does poetry matter in your life, and how might you pass the knowledge of its gifts on to others? If you are here reading this, we celebrate you, and we thank you for your visit.

Hank Hudepohl

April, 2020

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