Poetry Issue No. 5 - Summer 2022

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Maggie Kennedy

Poem & Interview

Anne Marie Corrigan

Poem & Interview

Alfred Fournier

Poem & Interview

Brett Warren

Poem & Interview

Lisa López Smith

Poem & Interview

Paul Kiernan

Poem & Interview

Diane Hueter

Poem & Interview

Dwaine Rieves

Poem & Interview

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Pine Row's Summer 2022 issue, and thank you for visiting. The journal is now two years old, and this fifth issue testifies to both its perseverance and joy.

End of summer is the end of a growth cycle and brings on the acts of harvest. And yet, as Maggie Kennedy says in "Bumper Crop," "There is something more / than sweetness here / In the aftertaste / a tartness that bristles." There is truth-telling and discovery in loss, just as there is hope and anxiety as we turn toward a new season.

As Lisa Lopez Smith says in her poem, "Sometimes there aren’t words / just a pregnant pause / before the magic, / or before everything falls apart."

I am grateful for this community of contributing poets, and for you, our readership, that makes this journal stronger. Thank you for visiting the website as we go forward into fall together, and may there be magic in the new season for all of us.

Happy Summer,

Hank Hudepohl

Founder / Editor

August, 2022

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